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Re: OT: mutt/nano spell checking

Chris Jones wrote:

> Being the absolute Joe User 
> CJ

[apologies for the unethical massive snip, just couldn't resist bouncing
on the "Joe User" ;-) ]

For those who actually are Joe users :

in "joe" (aptitude install joe) do

^T (calling options)

V   ("Language")

Set language

and spell check whatever you want to with "esc N" (one word) or "esc L"
(whole text), "esc" is a shortcut for "^[".

And you get "nano" user friendly on-screen help (with "^K H") if you
need, emulate "pico" behavior using "jpico" to launch "joe", but you can
get "emacs"-like behavior if you want too ("jmacs").
You can mess it all to make your own "joe", look into /etc/joe/joerc
(with comments) to insert macros, create shortcuts and such (or create a
per-user file ~/.joerc).

man joe


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