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Re: OT: mutt/nano spell checking

On Wed, Oct 07, 2009 at 10:47:51AM EDT, owens@netptc.net wrote:


> +1.  I teach C in a Debian environment and my students (most of whom
> have never used *nix) use nano.

Probably a good choice, since you teach C, not editing. By the time
you'd finished teaching them Vim, there would be not time left for
anything else. :-)

But even if you teach C for a living and are on a tight schedule, I hope
you find the time to mention that once they finish the class there are
other options.

Even if once your own, we know that more often than not, a programmer's
job  means diving into vast amounts of pre-existing code, and that's
where a capable editor that seamlessly supports tags, cscope, windowing
a directory explorer, tabs, an integrated compile cycle, and navigating
efficiently through tens of thousands of lines of code eventually means
more to their lifetsyle than mastering the intricacies of sprintf(char
*str, size_t size..)

Not sure about the dividends that nano will pay in this respect.

Yeah, I know, in the real world, your former students will have little
choice but use the IDE that their boss's boss's boss happens to favor.
And since she's not likely Bram's or RMS's girlfriend, I guess it
doesn't really matter.



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