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Re: OT: mutt/nano spellchecking

Chris Jones wrote:
On Sun, Oct 04, 2009 at 08:39:36AM EDT, Tony Baldwin wrote:

One of the things keeping me from using Mutt as my default mail client
all the time is the lack of certain spell check features.

That's got nothing to do with mutt. Spell-checking is a feature of the
editor that you told mutt to use. If you're unhappy with said editor,
just tell mutt that you want to use a different one.

I wasn't aware at all, until today, that I could set up nano to spell
check, but now have it working with Aspell, and, thus, spell check, at
the very least, in English.  However, I write e-mails in 4 different
languages (both icedove, and the gmail online interface allow me to
spell check my messages in any variety of languages).  Does anyone
know of a means to configure nano, and, to work with mutt, so that one
may alternate languages for spell check purposes, as can be done in
icedove, tbird, etc.?

I don't use nano on a regular basis, in fact I was under the impression
that it was some kind of a last resort hack, only useful in environments
with low resources, or when you are dropped to a root shell after a
failed boot-time fsck, etc.

Maybe you need to make sure the dictionaries for the languages you are
writing in are correctly installed.  Besides, if your locale is some
form of unicode, it would make sense that you also have to tell nano
what language it is that he needs to spell check.

As an aside, I also use mutt, with vim as the editor. With vim, spell
checking is as easy as issuing a ":set spell spelllang=whatever" from
Vim's command line...  and optionally mapping a few function keys to
make switching languages fast and convenient.

I'm sure you have excellent reasons for using nano, but I would like to
add that one thing I really like about vim is that you have all the
information you need at your fingertips via the searchable online help.
I'm not sure I would want to make my own an editor that does not provide
documentation and leaves you with a choice between guessing and posting
to a mailing list for help.


Vim's keybindings are completely insane and non-intuitive.
I've never once made sense of how to use the darned thing in a decade of using gnu/linux.
Nano is easy to use, but still powerful and has lotso features.
I've been using it for a long time for quick-n-dirty on the fly hacks, etc., when I'm not using tcltext. I've just never bothered to spellcheck anything with it, since I have primarly used it to hack code or config files on the fly.
It was easy enough to find how to turn spellchecking on in nano,
just not how to make multiple languages available and switch from one
to another (perhaps nobody who writes nano documentation uses more than one language. I use four.)
I have all the dictionaries in question installed.
I just want to be able to change languages on-the-fly, so to speak, when
using nano to write mails. (icedove, for instance, allows altering the
language with a click on a drop-down menu, and gmail's online interface
does the same).
I have it working with aspell in the default English.  That was cake.


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