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RE: Network interface testing utlity

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>Subject: RE: Network interface testing utlity
>Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 12:10:29 -0700
>>> 1. Any errors in transmission or reception will most likely NOT be
>>> due to or caused by your cards but by the intervening media
>>That's alright and that is what I am trying to test. Both the
>networks cards are connected to different media types and I want to
>see if the media types make any difference.
>>So far I have been suggested the following utilities:
>>ntop, iptraf, tcpstat, ethstatus
>>Does it really matter which one I use? I have never done testing
>like this so just trying to pick some brain of experts here.
OK then.  The next question is how and what you intend to test.  Are
you trying only to test a link (the media between your box and the
next box) or end-to end (where the two boxes are separated by many
links and many routers)?
Probably a block diagram of your proposed test setup would help.  BTW
what media types?
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