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RE: Network interface testing utlity

> OK then. The next question is how and what you intend to test. Are
> you trying only to test a link (the media between your box and the
> next box) or end-to end (where the two boxes are separated by many
> links and many routers)?
> Probably a block diagram of your proposed test setup would help. BTW
> what media types?

The idea is to test between two boxes (connected directly with a standard CAT5 cable) to eliminate/minimize any other network interference caused by routers, switches, hubs, etc.

On one box I will have my Gigabit Ethernet card (connected with different media types) that I want to test and on the other end of the box, I am going to have a standard known reference Gigabit Ethernet.

The media types are:
a) Standard CAT5 
b) Custom twisted pair

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