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debian stream browser accessibility

I have gnome-orca installed and when I use the X environment I have speech turned on. I tried tunapie earlier and found it totally useless with orca; the only thing orca ever said when tunapie was running was "panel" when I hit the left and right arrow keys, I couldn't get it to do anything else. No, not everybody uses a mouse. Some of us use track balls, and some of us only use keyboards. So tunapie went the remove purge route on aptitude once its uselessness was firmly established. Next I tried streamtuner. I haven't yet sent it to remove purge yet because I can hear some controls as I move around the screen with arrow keys and some of them appear to work when I hit the space bar. So this package may ultimately prove useable. Time permitting, I'll figure out how to get streamtuner to go out on the internet and either get to the directories or download available directories so I can browse them. That hasn't yet happened though. Another completely useless package is pyching from an accessibility point of view. I ended up writing an iching package using vbnc that works with accessibility though in the console mode. If that program is ever made into a g.u.i. program also capable of working with the console it will need sighted programmers to do that. The generator uses a six coin method for casting hexagrams because I found information on that method that was both complete enough and accessible enough for me to use it as opposed to any of the three coin methods. The reason I did that was in protest to pyching and its inaccessibility. I learned quite a lot doing it on how to handle console-based visualbasic programming as a result too, so there were side benefits.

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