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unstable: gnome kind of broken?


since gnome transition to 2.28 was started[1], my desktop seems kind of
broken. the look and feel is comparable to gnomes default five years ago
and several minor issues occured. applets don't start any more, the
position of my desktop icons is not restored after logout+login,
gnome-settings-daemon seems to have troubles, etc.

i know that unstable has its name for a reason. and i know that i don't
have to expect a working system in the middle of a transition.

but i neither found bugreports nor blog/mailinglist posts about this, so
i thought i ask on debian-user and see whether anybody knows more.

i would report bugreports myself, but unfortunately i simply don't know
which package to blame. i guess the look and feel issue is related to
gtk, while panel issues are gnome-panel etc. but maybe all bugs are
rather related to gnome2.28 parts currently missing in unstable.


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