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Re: Mini 10v

Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> So now compare the overhead of those applets (CPU, memory, anything
> else?) to the applets you have running.

    This is a flawed analogy.  Each one of those applets are ones that serve
some purpose to me at the moment.  I use the menu dozens of times a night, the
workspace switcher hundreds, window buttons hundreds, I glance at the clock
all the time, monitor the weather most nights and the icons in the tray
provide me with useful information.  An MTA resident in memory being used once
 a day, if that, is not serving me an immediate purpose.  Considering the
class of machine this is (highly portable, personal machine) it is highly
unlikely that it would ever needs a resident MTA.

> Is the saving really worth it? What are the actual problems with the
> exim?

    Nothing.  I use Exim on the machine hosting my domain.  The machine that
processes several thousand messages a day.  The machine where having a
resident MTA makes sense.  On a machine where I don't look at local mail,
won't be serving mail, having it resident makes no sense.

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