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Re: editing configurations

(Let's bring this back to the list...)

On 2009-09-07 16:46, John Mundinger wrote:
I got as far as I did by doing my own research.


When I installed the system, the routine instructed me to create a user
account, which I did, and I logon with that account.

That user doesn't have the privilege to edit system accounts.

You also had to create a "root" account.  Hope you remembered it!

Are you at the "console" (i.e., the oooo scary black and white text screen that looks like aold MS-DOS) or using the GUI to log in?

The wireless card is a netgear wg511.

That old card only supports WEP encryption, which is nothing more than an invitation for bad guys to get into your computer.

Spend the USD40-50 to get a cardbus NIC that supports WPA2 (since WPA was recently cracked). You might also have to upgrade your router.

                                       I have the installation cd that came
with it.  I am able to read the cd while logged into Linux but am not able
to run the application.  Based on the reading I have done, it should be
possible to install the drivers that came with the card.

Probably no need. Linux has it's own drivers for many cards, and NDISwrapper for the others.

thanks.  jgm

On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 3:37 PM, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:

On 2009-09-07 16:11, John Mundinger wrote:

I have an older laptop computer and decided that I would like to become
familiar with working in the Linux operation environment.  So, I
an image file for the minimal installation [i386] and, after burning that
image to a CD, I used the CD to complete the internet installation.
Apparently the installation was successful and I now have a dual boot
computer with Windows XP SP3 operating in one partition and Linux/GRUB in
the other.

Now, my question.  I would like to change the boot sequence and change to
30 second delay on startup.  I found information about how to do that by

By doing your own research?  If so, *excellent*!

 editing file system/boot/grub/menu.lst.  However, that file is read only.


 am not able to revise permissions and, therefore, am unable to edit/save
that file.

As what user are you trying to edit this file?

 I also would like to figure out how to install the drivers for the
network card.

What card?  Specifically, which chipset?  lspci is your friend, here.

               I have found some preliminary information about how to do
that.  But, I suspect that I will not be able to edit the configuration
files necessary to do that, either.

Sure you can.  Millions of people have done it, and so will you.  :)

 Do you have any suggestions about how I might be able to change the
permissions so that I am able to modify some of the configuration

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