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RE: Initial Installation -- Unknown Mode H 74.9KHZ V 59.9HZ Going to Sleep

> From: Spam Catcher [mailto:spamcatcher@ureach.com]
> Sent: Friday, September 04, 2009 2:01 AM
> Version: Debian 5.0.2a-i386
> The Bug: Computer goes to sleep during the boot process.
> During the initial boot, after the setup text has scrolled down the
> screen and just before the logon
> screen should appear, I receive the message:
> H 74.9KHZ V 59.9HZ
> After the message has been on the screen for maybe ten seconds, the
> screen goes black, the computer
> goes to sleep and that is all she wrote, the machine can only be
> awakened by pushing the power
> button to shut it off.

This is almost certainly because the X Window environment is trying to
launch with a resolution your monitor doesn't support.  The computer isn't
in sleep mode, only the monitor is.  Try cycling through available
resolutions by pressing Ctrl-Alt-+ or Ctrl-Alt-- (+ or - on the numeric

If that doesn't work, switch to a text console by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1, and
login normally, and edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to include only
resolutions that your monitor supports.  If you don't have an xorg.conf
file, or if it's empty, try generating one with "Xorg -configure", and then
edit to remove resolutions you don't want.

Hope this helps!
-- Kevin

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