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Fwd: Nvidia binary driver installation

Hello again,

sorry but I forgot to mention that I want to install the nvidia-driver from Sid in my testing/squeeze installation. Maybe "apt-pinning" was a hint.

Lars Tennstedt

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Datum: 4. September 2009 um 11:25
Betreff: Nvidia binary driver installation


I have a question about the installation of the binary nvidia driver. It is a
time ago that I used Debian and at that time you could install the driver with
apt-get directly from the non-free repository. I installed testing/squeeze and
sid in virtual machines and was surprised that I was force to use
module-assistant and so on. It is no problem at all.
1.) Is that the new default way of installing the nvidia driver coming with
Squeeze or is this a temporary situation because Squeeze is still in testing
2.) Is it possible to install the nvidia driver from Sid with module-assistant?
Apt-pinning is already configured.

Thank you for your help!

Lars Tennstedt
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