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Compiling from source and adding .deb contents.


I want to install nginx from source (latest unstable 0.8.13), using
checkinstall to create a .deb. I also want to use Debian's latest
nginx package (0.7.61) to add the man-pages, init scripts and what

I've done this the past couple of times but lately i've been having
issues with php-cgi (i've dist-upgraded recently and am not sure
whether or not something got replaced by a default). I know php-cgi is
not nginx but anyway, i want to make sure i don't miss anything for
this next version and the issues i'm having are not nginx-related at
all (99.99% likely they're not).

Any suggestions regarding this hybrid approach? Pit-falls to watch out
for? RTFM links?

Nuno Magalhães

()  ascii-rubanda kampajno - kontraŭ html-a retpoŝto
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