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Re: ProcMail, WAS: Re: Fetchmail and Gmail

On Tue September 1 2009, Ron Johnson wrote:
> If your "person message store" is an mbox file, then I'd:

this is the part I can't figure out.. I don't have an mbox setup on kmail, I 
don't see a way for it to read an mbox folder.. I tried to create an mbox 
folder in an account, but I don't see any way to do that.

> 1. shutdown kmail,
> 2. append the "errant" mbox file onto your "master" mbox file,
> 3. rm any index files that kmail uses,
> 4. restart kmail.
basically, I just did a for i in `ls` >> /var/mail/ME done
so they all ended back up in my inbox.

Paul Cartwright
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