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Re: ProcMail, WAS: Re: Fetchmail and Gmail

On 2009-09-01 04:45, Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Tue August 25 2009, Chris Jones wrote:
but looking at the procmailrc( now non-existant), then thinking about
my 200 kmail filters, I'm not sure I could tackle that task..
As another poster hinted, this is another example of the hidden benefits
of cloning the Microsoft model.

I'm not sure I understand.. what I DID find out was, my procmailrc file WORKED.. the problem is, I didn't do it right. I sent all my personal email ( for the last 4 days) to a mbox file in my home directory. I THOUGHT I had kmail setup to get that mail, but it didn't. SO, I had to forward it back to my /var/mail/user and resend it..
how do I get kmail to accept email from that mbox file, or did I do it wrong?

If your "person message store" is an mbox file, then I'd:
1. shutdown kmail,
2. append the "errant" mbox file onto your "master" mbox file,
3. rm any index files that kmail uses,
4. restart kmail.

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