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Re: how to modify string in binary files ?

On 2009-08-31 20:28, Celejar wrote:
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On Tue, 01 Sep 2009 09:24:06 +0800
Jerome BENOIT <jgmbenoit@mailsnare.net> wrote:

Celejar wrote:
On Tue, 01 Sep 2009 08:08:50 +0800
Jerome BENOIT <jgmbenoit@mailsnare.net> wrote:

Hello List,

I would like to change the string of a file name in a (propriety) binary:
if applicable, how can we do that ?
Use a hex editor?
Let me specify. My binary file is an executable binary file,
not a data file. Of course, I want to be able to run the modified version.

So according to you, I have just to edit my binary, modify the string by hand,
and the modified binary is fine: is there any side effect ?

Since it's a binary file, you can't know for sure, but IIUC, there
likely won't be any side effects.  I'm no expert on this stuff, though,
so please take my advice with a grain of salt.

There will be no side effects *if* you only *change* the existing text bytes.

Unless... the binary does some sort of internal checksumming to detect (possibly malicious) changes or license modifications.

Lastly: we don't need to tell an experienced guy like you to make a copy of the binary before you change it, right? ;)

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