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ld segfaulting due to a BFD assertion error on lenny


I've been trying to backport several packages to lenny, including
schroedinger-1.0.7 and vlc-1.0.1. I've been reproducably encountering 
ld segfaults "collect2: ld terminated with signal 11", often due to a
failed assertion in libbfd:

Aug  5 15:29:13 vmmoskaulenny kernel: [17302.693203] ld[1267]: segfault
at d00000c ip 4009a09d sp bfb181f0 error 4 in
Aug  5 16:28:18 vmmoskaulenny kernel: [ 1940.359398] ld[21866]: segfault
at 900000c ip 4009a09d sp bfef6400 error 4 in
Aug  5 20:03:35 vmmoskaulenny kernel: [14857.712102] ld[20496]: segfault
at f0000042 ip 4009c686 sp bff91c80 error 4 in
Aug  5 20:34:39 vmmoskaulenny kernel: [16721.600256] ld[13264]: segfault
at f5fde4 ip 4009a1bd sp bfa09f00 error 4 in

The same happens when I'm trying to backport binutils-,
so I can't check that version of libbfd. Any hints?

best regards

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