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Re: A Laptop where all hardware is perfectly supported

In <[🔎] 20090803070741.GG6519@penguin.codegnome.org>, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:
>Dell purportedly sells a netbook with Ubuntu on it.

I own a Dell-buntu.  Mine is a bit old at this point, an Inspiron E1505.

The wireless card firmware was recently (in the last year) moved to non-
free.  I do not use bluetooth so, I'm not even sure if the laptop supports 
it.  Mine came with an Intel graphics card that I've been quite happy with, 
but I don't do any gaming on it.  Suspend (to disk or RAM) and resume work 
well in Lenny.  All the media buttons generate keycodes that can be mapped 
to whatever you desire -- openSUSE and *buntu seem to do some of that 
automatically.  Haven't experimented with the new RandR in Lenny, but I hear 
it works great with this video card.  SD slot and DVD R/W work fine as does 
USB.  I had to replace the battery last month.

I can recommend the Dell-buntus.  They may require some software from non-
free (which is unfortunate) to get full functionality, but I haven't found a 
laptop that doesn't.
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