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Re: A Laptop where all hardware is perfectly supported

On Sun, Aug 02, 2009 at 06:34:49PM -0700, fred basset wrote:

> I'll soon be able to spec. a new laptop for my new job.  Can anyone
> recommend any systems that can run the latest Debian and support all
> the hardware out of the box?  I prefer IBM and Dell laptops myself. It
> would be great to hear from anyone who's got a perfectly working
> machine.

Good luck with that. You'll need it.

Laptops are still full of proprietary hardware, and very few work
perfectly with a stock distro. Your best bet is to find a maker that
sells one with a Linux distro, or a laptop reseller like EmperorLinux
that customizes distros for a laptop. 

Dell purportedly sells a netbook with Ubuntu on it, but I haven't tried
it myself. Eee PC models vary in their support depending on model, but
most features work out of the box with Ubuntu Netbook Remix or Fedora
11; I have an Eee PC 702 that works well with both. IBM Thinkpads are
generally well-supported by major distros, but some features like
fingerprint readers may require special firmware depending on the model.

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