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Re: Xfce (was Re: Musings on debian-user list)

On Sun,02.Aug.09, 22:24:57, Ron Johnson wrote:
> As you can see from the above screen shot, certain fonts (like the
> ones in the Iceweasel Folders and Subjects lists) are "correct",
> according to my tastes.  Menu->Settings->Appearance let me set them
> to the font/size which I prefer.  Other fonts, like in the Title Bar
> and in the Iceweasel composition window (not just an Iceweasel
> issue: other apps have the same problem) are just way too tiny for
> comfortable reading.
Assuming you have the correct DPI, did you check the settings in Xfce 

> The minor problem is the color of the (Crux) window theme:purple.
> GNOME let me change that to dark blue.

You'll probably have to dig with the Settings Editor for this one: Xfce 
Menu->Settings->Settings Editor: xsettings->GTK seems to be what you're 
looking for.

HTH, since I never needed these settings myself
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