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radeon tv-out (RV505)


i tried to get the tv-out working for my radeon X1550 64-bit graphics
controller, but so far i failed.

xrandr lists the S-video output and even detects it as connected when
X is started with the option ATOMTVOut set to true for the radeon video
driver. but i don't see anything on the tv screen.

when i try to set the mode for S-video with 'xrandr --output S-video
--mode 800x600', nothing happens on the tv screen (still no image at
all), but instead the main computer screen gets screwed up. everything
looks blurred or smudged, i don't know how to describe it in english.

so i wonder if anyone got the tv-out working with a radeon RV505 chip
and the free radeon video driver.

my system is up-to-date debian/unstable amd64.


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