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kdebluetooth4 in Debian squeeze


Is there anybody with working kdebluetooth4 on Debian squeeze?

I tried to build from kdebluetooth4-0.3 release tarball from http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/kdebluetooth4?content=84761but had build errors.

Then I tryed to download from svn. That needs libknotificationitem-1, so I installed it from experimental. But after all there were other build errors due to significant code change in packages.

Does anybody knows specific package versions or something else to make it work?

My package versions:
kdebluetooth4                     from svn     1 august 2009
libknotificationitem-1-1       4:4.2.95-svn99103
kdebase-workspace-dev       4:4.2.4-1+b1


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