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Re: remount removeable drive in Lenny - how? [more]

On 2009-07-21_19:43:09, Tiago Saboga wrote:
> Paul E Condon <pecondon@mesanetworks.net> writes:
> > I have what I think to be a solution, but the reason it works is now
> > suspect because it could not work for you, whose system differs from
> > mine in some mystery aspect. What happens if, in the future, a Gnome
> > developer, changes whatever makes it work for me into whatever doesn't
> > work for you?
> >
> > And there is Andrei's system on which device-file, mount-point and
> > icon are all preserved --- but not in Gnome. Perhaps we should both
> > investigate migrating to Xfce.
> That's not easy for me: I don't use kde (but stumpwm), but my wife and
> my mother do, and if I was to tell them to use anything else, I'd better
> know it well, as to able to answer their questions ;)
> Tiago.

Honestly, I don't know what you can do. I just learned within the last
few dozen hours what I can do -now- to solve my problem. And then that
this now-for-me solution can't work for you, and maybe will stop
working for me at some unknown time in the future. I hope someone more
skilled than I is watching and will take pity on you and work on this

Paul E Condon           

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