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Re: normal firefox for debian lenny 64bit?

On 2009-07-21 07:54, Soren Orel wrote:
Ok, I downloaded:
dpkg -i iceweasel_3.5.1-1_amd64.deb

So I must install a trillion dependencies from unstable, to get a normal up-to-date browser under Lenny?

Yes. Running a mixed Lenny/experimental system is a recipe for disaster.

I'd deinstall iceweasel and xulrunner, then install the FF binary directly from mozilla.org.

Same with OOo3 (though I'd look first try www.go-oo.org), if you want the latest version.

Lastly, for the real question: why are you on Lenny? Institution mandate? Narrow pipe? Fear of Testing breakage?

Scooty Puff, Sr
The Doom-Bringer

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