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ia32-apt-get on Sid

I use Sid, and have been interested in the appearance of the new ia32-apt-get facility.

I see that ia32-apt-get has its own configuration files in


After reading /usr/share/doc/ia32-apt-get/README.Debian, I'm a bit confused on how this new system works

1) The README.Debian file seems to indicate that updating should be performed using ordinary commands such as

    apt-get  update


    aptitude update

However, 'dpkg -L ia32-apt-get' indicates that new wrappers are provided, 'ia32-apt-get' and 'ia32-aptitude', which makes it seem like updating should be done with those wrappers instead, like this:

    ia32-apt-get  update


    ia32-aptitude update

2) When the new packages were first installed, my understanding was that commands like 'aptitude' and 'apt-get' had been diverted, and running them would actually run the corresponding 'ia32-apt*' wrapper instead. Reading NEWS.Debian.gz in /usr/share/doc/ia32-apt-get now seems to indicate that the diversion scheme has been dropped.

That raises many questions:

Should users be using 'aptitude', or 'ia32-aptitude', or both?

Should repository servers be listed in

and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list

or should they be in

and /etc/ia32-apt/sources.list.d/*.list?

3) Do the 'ia32-apt*' wrappers keep their own database file for installed packages, or do they share the same database with the primary APT system. For example, I have noticed that 'aptitude' still correctly shows my automatic dependencies, but running 'ia32-aptitude' indicates that none of my installed packages are marked as automatic dependencies.

If someone could clear up the confusion for me, I would really appreciate it.

Dave W.

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