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Re: KDE compression options: tar, zip, or rar

> This is an interesting point.  I see several redundancy tools like par2,
> dvdisaster, ras, ...
>  http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-reference/ch10.en.html#_data_redundancy
> (par2 seems to support similar feature claimed by rar and has many GUI
> tools.)

It seems that those tools are very uncommon and if/when I need the
data I will not be in the mood for experimentation. I will try to use
only well-known and widely distributed tools.

>> I think that 7zip supports this, I am looking into it.
> 7zip support RAR for unpacking with non-free p7zip-rar package.
>> I may just add 7zip support. 7zip is FOSS, too, so that is good.
> but RAR module for 7zip is non-free.

I see.

> FYI: I sometimes use data redundancy for some critical backups with
> dvdisastar.  But I also find that the time to create redundancy data is
> non-trivial.  I tend to make multiple copies as "REDUNDANCY" for backup
> in most of time. Also, CD and DVD data are written to physical media
> using Reed-Solomon FEC (forward error correction) thus inherently
> somewhat redundant. I also used to care about partial recovery and used
> afio with -Z option than any global compression like zip/tar.gz/tar.bz2.
> Now I am just lazy tar.gz (or even without compression for speed).

Just tar is too big, but even moderate compression is good enough.

> Making backup is more important than how we do it!

This is very true! No matter what is decided, I will be better off
than those with no backup.

Thank you all, I learned a lot from this thread.

Dotan Cohen


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