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Program for quoting text like in email?

>> Can anyone recommend a program/shell script/editor plugin etc, that
>> can take arbitrary text as input and quote it like email programs
>> quote emails with a preceding "> " character?
>> I'm about to reply to a very long facebook message and want to quote
>> it and make inline replies. But facebook only supports top-posting.
>> I'd like to cut-n-paste the text I wish to reply, quote it with "> "
>> and then cut-n-paste it back into my facebook reply message. I'd also
>> like line breaks to be put in once every 80 characters (email
>> standard?).
>> I use Debian Lenny.
> There are probably dozens of ways to do that, but here's what I would do.
> I would write my text in TclText (http://freshmeat.net/projects/tcltext
> likely any number of other text editors would do), ctrl-a to select all or
> any text I want quoted with ">" and do F9 to comment that text, which adds #
> at the beginning of each line.
> Then I would do a simple find/replace, find # replace with >

Thanks for this solution; I'll use it as a backup solution in case no
one suggests a program that is in Debians stable repository. I want to
get automatic security updates wherever possible.

> I think medit has a comment feature...not sure which other editors do.
> I use tcltext because I wrote it.  Works for me.

I tried medit per your recommendation. The quote feature there was
however intended as quoting programming code, i.e adding /* */ around
code. I could not find an email quoting feature there though.


Thomas Anderson
"Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur"

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