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Re: mappings in vim nodes (was Re: why must emacs depend on sound packages?)

On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 04:36:20PM EDT, Chris Bannister wrote:
> [Changed Subject as it no longer concerns emacs.]
> On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 07:14:20PM -0400, Chris Jones wrote:


> > For some reason this does not appear to work when you remap <Up> to
> > Ctrl-P.. the previous ommand command is retrieved in its entirety
> > and whatever you typed beyond the ":" is ignored.

> You could take this to vim_use@googlegroups.com
> http://googlegroups.com/group/vim_use/subscribe

I take that back.. tested it again and it works the same - couldn't
imagine why it would behave differently since I'm only defining an
alternate keyboard action and mapping it to whatever the other guy is
already mapped to.. 

> Warning! warning!, (1) it is a high volume list (2) vim is also
> availabe for windoze.

Oh, dear.. Oh dear.. 

> > Sorry about sloppy post earlier.. hope this benefits s/o on the list.
>                                  ^^^
> 				 (see P.S)
> We both got our modes mixed up. :(

Yes, that's what happens with "modal" editors.

> P.S. If you want to do a proper ellipsis (i.e ... ), put this in your
> .vimrc

After all, I only need to type a key combo followed by two different
characters to replace my own personal "trailing two dots" by a proper


> ------------------------ snip ---------
> if has("digraphs")
>     digraph ., 8230    " ellipsis (...)
> endif
> --------------------------- snap ----------
> Then in "insert mode" Ctrl-K ., 

Thanks much for the tip.  I fired up uxterm+vim, set the enc to =utf8
followd by ":dig ., 8230" and thus verified that the "unicode" version
of the terminus font has the correct glyph.

When I finish switching to "lenny" where I believe utf8 is the default,
I'll see if it's worth the effort adding fun stuff like that to my

Though I'm a bit sceptical as to the relevance of proper typesetting in
the context of terminal applications such as vim/mutt.


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