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Re: why must emacs depend on sound packages?

On Mon, May 04, 2009 at 11:42:34AM EDT, Barclay, Daniel wrote:
> Chris Jones wrote:

> > [...]

> > ergonomically sound keyboard mappings, I should give it another
> > shot.
> Hvae you fingers trying to use Emacs with the Control key where IBM
> moved it to on PCs?

> Have you tried mapping the Control key back to where it was when Emacs
> was designed (and where it belongs--just to the left of the A key (on
> QWERTY keyboards))?

Used that for a long time .. the location of the left Control key on PC
keyboards may make sense for those who never use it (like it's out of
t he way so you won't hit by accident and break everything :)  .. ???  

A couple of years ago, I eventually switched to remapping the "Windows"
keys to Ctrl and using my thumbs for Alt/Ctrl modifiers - kinda keeps
modifiers separate from the "action keys" and provides some form of
symmetry with Alt or Ctrl actioned with left thumb and the "key" with
one of the right hand's four fingers and vice-versa).

> If not, be sure to try that.  Using Emacs (and Bash) control-character
> keystrokes is an entirely different experience when the Control key is
> in the right place.

More worried about having to deal with impossible to reach stuff like
arrow keys, page up/down.. end, home.. delete.. etc.

Not to mention double modifiers such as Alt+Ctrl .. !!

Even stuff like Ctrl-X Ctrl-F for frequently needed does not strike me
as ergonomically sound.

I do like the emacs bindings in the shell, though .. takes a bit of
practice before they become second nature, but it's worth it.. once you
get there, you fly.


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