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Re: Hardware diagnostics

On Tue, 2009-05-19 at 23:37 -0400, Scott Gifford wrote:
> Can anybody recommend a good hardware diagnostic or "burn-in" program?
> I have used memtest86 and will try that, but ideally I'd like to
> stress test more of the system than just the memory.  Something that
> can run on Debian Etch while the machine is live is ideal, or
> something that can be run from a boot CD.  Free is preferred (of
> course), but any suggestions are welcome.

I haven't used it myself, but some folks in my local LUG have
recommended Breakin:


It runs from a CD or USB key and is mostly open-source (except for one
library provided by Intel and one provided by AMD).  They say they've
built it from source on Red Hat/CentOS 5, Debian Lenny, and Ubuntu
Hardy.  They also provide a script if you want to build it yourself.

> Also, if anybody has a suggestion of what might fix an Etch system
> that's freezing up periodically with nothing in the logs, those
> suggestions are welcome too.  :-)

What's the CPU and chipset?  I've experienced freezes like that (nothing
in the logs, no kernel panic -- just ... stops working), but the problem
seems to be specific to my CPU and chipset.

Michael M.

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