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Re: Current WM - Lenny

On Tue, 12 May 2009, Andrei Popescu wrote:

On Tue,12.May.09, 16:32:53, Miguel Obliviemo wrote:
What is Lenny's default window manager?

Depends on how you installed. The "normal" CD1 installs the Gnome
Desktop Environment, but it is also possible to install KDE, Xfce or
LXDE instead.

Sorry, I meant normal, what you get if you don't specify something else.

How do I configure gdm to use a different one?

You install the WM/DE you want (by using your preferred package manager)

I don't understand.  I used apt-get, and it (fvwm) is on the machine.
I don't know what "preferred package manager" means.

and then in GDM, before you login, you just choose your "session".

In GDM, before I log in, I don't see an option to choose a session, I
just see a place to enter the login name.

And I though a session was something else than a WM selector.


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