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Re: Current WM - Lenny

On Ma,12.mai.09, 17:22:35, Miguel Obliviemo wrote:

>> You install the WM/DE you want (by using your preferred package manager)
> I don't understand.  I used apt-get, and it (fvwm) is on the machine.
> I don't know what "preferred package manager" means.

There are many package managers, use the one you like (aptitude, 
synaptic, apt-get,...)

>> and then in GDM, before you login, you just choose your "session".
> In GDM, before I log in, I don't see an option to choose a session, I
> just see a place to enter the login name.

It depends on the theme, but with the "Debian Moreblue Orbit" theme 
there are three buttons at the bottom-left: "Language", "Session" and

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
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