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Re: vmware 1.0.8 (or .9) with 2.6.29


>> I'm seriously thinking to switch to virtualbox ose...
> me too but my image will not boot in VB, I have taken a copy of the boot
> disks to see what I can do, but I am not hopeful - its a W2000 server
> image.  This is the exact reason I want to move to VB from vmware

I also need to work with win2k (server).
It's possible to install a fresh win2k os using virtual box, but there
are also some ways to clone your existent vmware win2k machine.
You can use Clonezilla, or Mondo, or converting .vmdk to .vdi ....or
something else.


> I suspect that VirtualBox may require a fork

VirtualBox is released also in a OpenSource version:
virtual box ose

Of course a fork is possible, but i don't think that it's required -
not for now.


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