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Re: vmware 1.0.8 (or .9) with 2.6.29

On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 11:39:40PM +0200, Mirco Piccin wrote:
> Hi,
> my experience is similar to your.
> I've strongly  used vmware-server (1.08) installed in my job laptop.
> After last kernel update, there was no way to recompile vmware network  modules.
> I've tried any-any-update patch, tried any known fix but without success.
> The only vmware-server release that i'm able to run with this kernel
> is the 2 (with the "fix" reported by Hugo).
> > I know this is rather OT, but do you know how compatible 1.0.8 is to
> > vmware server 2 ?
> All your virtual machines created in release 1.08 are compatible with release 2.
> Anyway vmware-server 2 is quite different from previous release (first
> of all in the disk space required...).
> I'm seriously thinking to switch to virtualbox ose...

me too but my image will not boot in VB, I have taken a copy of the boot
disks to see what I can do, but I am not hopeful - its a W2000 server
image.  This is the exact reason I want to move to VB from vmware

> Regards
> M

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