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Re: "Mutt, Exim4, Debian, Ubuntu and BCC. FAIL" (debian-news.net).

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 06:45:15PM -0600, s. keeling wrote:
> Hey.  Please see:
>   http://www.debian-news.net/2009/04/29/mutt-exim4-debian-ubuntu-and-bcc-fail-fix-included/
> Do any of you out there have any more details on this problem?  I've
> tried the fix suggested, and on my first test (no Bcc:) exim4 bounced
> it saying no recipient addresses found.  I've since reverted it until
> I can sort it out.  Exim4:
>    ------------------------------
>    A message that you sent using the -t command line option contained no
>    addresses that were not also on the command line, and were therefore
>    suppressed. This left no recipient addresses, and so no delivery could
>    be attempted.
>    ------------------------------
As far as I remember, /etc/Muttrc has always had the lines

# Exim does not remove Bcc headers
unset write_bcc

by default, which seems to suggest that mutt solves the problem rather 
than being one of the causes.


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