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Re: Installing xfce 4.6 on Lenny

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 01:45:22AM +0200, Matteo Riva wrote:
> Hello everybody.  I have been using Debian for a while, I had an old
> system which went through many dist upgrades and I always played with
> testing and unstable stuff, even before I actually knew what I was
> doing.
> Now since I'm running a fresh and "clean" Lenny install I'm here
> to ask what is the correct way to handle packages from the testing
> branch, in case I want to use a newer version of some software (namely
> xfce in this specific case).
> Do I have to do a full dist-upgrade or can I just mix packages from
> stable and testing branches?

If you are asking this question, I should say "DO NOT MIX" although it
probably work most of time for now until testing get more newer
libraries.  For reason, please read:


> Any input appreciated, thanks.


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