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Re: can't install xfdesktop from unstable

In <20090428142648.76754986@teksavvy.com>, JoeHill wrote:
>Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> In <20090428131409.036db53e@teksavvy.com>, JoeHill wrote:
>> >node1:/home/joehill# aptitude -t unstable install xfdesktop4
>> > The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>> >  xfdesktop4: Depends: xfdesktop4-data (= 4.6.0-2) but it is not
>> > installable The following actions will resolve these dependencies:
>> >
>> >Keep the following packages at their current version:
>> >xfdesktop4 [Not Installed]
>> >
>> >I think what is likely happening is that a new enough xfdesktop simply
>> > has not been uploaded to unstable, but I am not sure how to check that
>> > :-\
>> apt-cache policy <package_name>
>> is what I use to check available versions.
>node1:/home/joehill# apt-cache policy xfdesktop4
>  Installed: (none)
>  Candidate: 4.4.2-7
>  Version table:
>     4.6.0-2 0
>        800 http://debian.yorku.ca unstable/main Packages
>        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
>     4.4.2-7 0
>        900 http://debian.yorku.ca testing/main Packages

Did you run an 'apt-get update' or 'aptitude update'?  That's required to 
get new versions to show up as available.

>> I'm seeing xfdesktop4-data=4.6.1-1 in unstable and
>> xfdesktop4-data=4.4.2-7 in testing.  I'm also now showing
>> xfdesktop4=4.6.1-1 in unstable and it might be installable--it versioned
>> Depend on xfdesktop4-data is certainly satisfiable.
>> Try again?
>It's still doing the same thing. But what I'm not clear on is, it almost
> looks like it is saying that it wants an _older_ version of
> xfdesktop4-data...but then, I'm pretty new at this ;)

It wants a version that exactly matches its version.  Unfortunately, that 
version is not available.  xfdesktop4=4.6.0-2 isn't available in the main 
archive anymore either.
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