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Re: debiantutorials.org seeks input and new blood

>> That sounds more like a problem than a solution. I would not try an OS
>> that had a 1000 page manual. I want simple, not comprehensive.
> Then you'd better give up computers.  It takes more than 1000 pages to
> properly document any operating system.  Try "ls /usr/share/man/* | wc".

Document it all you want. But don't expect Joe Toothbrush to read it
all. If one _wants_ go through pages upon pages of docs to create
something new, that's great and the more the merrier. But if one
_must_ go through the docs to use the product, then by virtue or
Occam's razor the OS with the least documentation is the easiest to

I view a manual transmission as _letting_me_ shift the gears. The wife
views it as _making_her_ shift the gears. Which is preferable for
those who love to drive, and which is preferable for thsoe who want to
get from point A to point B?

Dotan Cohen


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