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Re: WinBlow$ Home Server equivalent

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 11:13:57PM -0500, Mark Allums wrote:
> Stefan Monnier wrote:


>> As a general rule, you're better off relying on backups or RAID to
>> handle such situations anyway.  Or seen from another point of view: if
>> it's OK with you to lose an arbitrarily chosen 1/3 or 1/2 of your data,
>> then why would you mind losing it all instead?

think we are heading ot, but to add some more info to it anyway.

there are several aspects to look at.

availability - mainly done by looking at raid levels
manageablility - lvm / mdm 
backups - only way to do this is backuping up info, raid doesn't help
with rm -fr /

people tend to confuse availability with restoration !

> As has been mentioned in another thread, RAID 1 pairs with LVM is pretty  
> safe and flexible.  The disadvantage is when adding more capacity, you  
> have to add drives in pairs.
> ZFS (formerly Zetta File System) can do all this and more beside, but  
> right now, with one exception, you have to do all the thinking yourself,  
> it's not just a matter of adding a new drive and walking away.  The  
> exception?  Very expensive storage appliances from Sun.  Those run  
> something, OpenSolaris maybe (haven't bothered to look it up), with ZFS.  
>    Of course, expanding requires you to go back to Sun.
> MArk Allums

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