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Re: WinBlow$ Home Server equivalent

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 08:19:38AM -0500, Tim McDonough wrote:
> Phillipus Gunawan wrote:
>> My friend told me about Home Server, and when I have a read about it, wow
>> The only feature that interest me is "Drive Extender"
>> (taken from Windows Home Server Technical Brief - Drive Extender.docx)
>> "....
>> As you add more hard
>> drives to your home server, they are treated as a single large pool of
>> available storage space. You no longer need to deal with drive letters (such as
>> E:, F:, and G: ) because you can add more hard drives."
>> Been trying to googling with no answer...
>> Any links/suggestions/direction/etc would be much appreciated
>> And have a good  Easter
> It seems like you would get this functionality using a Debian (or any  
> Linux) box and LVM -- Linux Volume Manager.
> Of course, you'd probably want to reboot occasionally to mimic the full 
> Windows experience when you update software, etc. ;-)

but the marketing brief seems to suggest that if you lose a drive you
only lose the files that were on there.  

with lvm you would lose any lv that has blocks on that drive 

> Tim

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