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WinBlow$ Home Server equivalent

Hi There,

My friend told me about Home Server, and when I have a read about it, wow
The only feature that interest me is "Drive Extender"

(taken from Windows Home Server Technical Brief - Drive Extender.docx)
As you add more hard
drives to your home server, they are treated as a single large pool of
available storage space. You no longer need to deal with drive letters (such as
E:, F:, and G: ) because you can add more hard drives."
Windows Home Server Drive Extender is different than and more powerful than a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) in several ways:

•    You can use any hard drive, any time. You are not restricted to adding more hard drives of the same type and size. When you want to grow your home server storage, you can buy and add any hard drive you like. 
•    Internal and external hard drives can be used to grow your storage. No space in your home computer case? No problem—plug in one or more hard drives of your choice.
•    Drive removal is easy. After you have had your home server for awhile, you may want to remove older, smaller hard drives and add new, larger hard drives so that you can store more files.

Basically, we can add HDD without needing of RAID software or controller
It will treat them as a single partition and by the reading, it also check its performance and health

The Windows Home Server Console enables you to configure the server storage and shared folders on your home server. The Server Storage tab allows you to view, add, and remove hard drives on your home server. You can see the status of your server storage, and attempt to repair hard drives that show a status of Unhealthy. You can also see a graphical representation of the total disk-space usage on your home server. 

The question is. What would be any package that can replace this Home Server in Debian' way
This OS with its features, its very cheap, but, I would prefer to use Debian if there is any similar package

Been trying to googling with no answer...

Any links/suggestions/direction/etc would be much appreciated
And have a good  Easter


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