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Re: apache log "rotate"

On 04.04.09 20:52, michal krajcirovic wrote:
> creating access.log from apache2. I want at the same time (namely, every 
> minute) without restart / reload apache start either log into another 
> file, or rename the existing log to another file and log to a file with 
> the same name. Given that the number of logs up to 30 lines per second, 
> it is not possible to make a copy. Then I reset the file. And each new 
> minute, net log, and doesnt lost any line.
> Any tips on how to? Any experience with this problem?

rename logs and use graceful restart. You must keep old logs for some time
because apache children that did not restart may write to old one.
Logrotate can handle that with delaycompress (or nocompress) option.
I think it's default in debian distribution, unless you played with
logrotate or log setup
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