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Re: bank web page problem in iceweasel/iceape

In <20090407074254.GD3543@localhost.localdomain>, Chris Bannister wrote:
>On Fri, Apr 03, 2009 at 04:33:13PM -0400, Frank wrote:
>>    I'm not sure either...but on Debian testing I **never** use anything
>> but FIREFOX. Matter of fact I don't think I've ever run..what is it??
>> Iceweasel ?
>iceweasel *is* firefox.

FireFox is a branded product from Mozilla.  The source for FireFox is 
available under a DSFG-free license.  IceWeasel is produced by taking this 
source, applying patches as the Debian maintainer sees fit (generally 
backported security fixes[1]), and compiling it with an alternative 

They aren't one and the same, but they are pretty darn close.  I have run 
into at least one poorly written web site that would not work in Iceweasel 
because they were explicitly looking for the Firefox branding.
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[1] This is the sticking point.  Mozilla doesn't want something called 
FireFox out there with patches they haven't approved.  Debian refuses to let 
Mozilla prevent them from securing the software they provided to users in a 
way consistent with policy.

[2] AFAIK, this is a variation on the "unbranded" compile-time option 
provided by Mozilla.

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