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Re: Output command results in English (was Re: Brother HL2040 printer/lpr stopped working after update)

On Tuesday 07 April 2009, at 19:42 +1200, You wrote:
> > [AGGIORNATO] liborbit2 1:2.14.16-0.1 -> 1:2.14.17-0.1
> > [AGGIORNATO] lxdvdrip 1.74-0.0 -> 1.74-0.1
> > ===============================================================================
> To get your output in English, put LANG=C before the command:
> $ LANG=C aptitude ...

Thanks, I didn't know that and it will surely turn useful in the future.

Unluckily, though, that was not the output of a command but a copy/paste
of the log file, so it wouldn't have worked in this case.

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