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Re: new problem - networking is strange

Steven Demetrius wrote:
UDEV is behaving correctly.

Each NIC is unique and UDEV assigns a unique name to each one. Since UDEV has already assigned the name eth0 to the original NIC it will not assign it to another NIC even if the original NIC has been removed. This way UDEV will never assign the same name to more that one (1) NIC. You can change this manually by modifying the UDEV config files. Please see the UDEV manual pages for details.

As far as UDEV is concerned the original NIC, eth0, is offline and therefore does not make it available.

Since the HD had been moved from one machine to another, UDEV reacts in a way that the original hardware is offline and that new hardware has been added to the same machine. Hence the new NIC is given a different name.

Although it can be done it is not a good idea to just move the OS HD from one machine to another. Especially when dealing with servers. Doing this will cause issues like this one and may give other unpredictable results.
Foo... and here I thought I had a nice, almost hot-spare disaster recovery solution.

2 identical chassis, raided disks, if the live machine crashes just move the disks, let the raids resync, and off we go. Almost worked, too.

Who'd have thunk that two identical chassis aren't quite identical. Sigh....



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