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Re: new problem - networking is strange

Miles Fidelman wrote:
> H.S. wrote:
>> Miles Fidelman wrote:
>>> As some of you have followed (and helped - THANKS!), I had a server
>>> crash, moved all my disks to a 2nd chassis, and have been busily
>>> restoring things.
>>> Meanwhile, I discovered that I really didn't have a hardware failure on
>>> my 1st chassis - a disk drive failed in a way that dragged things down.
>>> As I start bringing the 1st server back up (with the drives swapped from
>>> the backup chassis), a new symptom has cropped up, when I bring the
>>> machine up, eth0 doesn't start. Nor can I bring it up with ifconfig eth0
>>> up - I get an error message "error fetching interface" "device not
>>> found"
>>> Now, the /etc/network/interfaces file defines the interface and lspci
>>> lists the interface card; AND, when I boot from a liveCD, I can access
>>> the net just fine.
>>> So.... anybody have any ideas or suggestions?
>> Is udev giving your interface a new name (ethx instead of, say eth0)?
> how would I check that, and why would it just start doing that?

You could just list the devices:
$> /sbin/ifconfig -a

and ensure you have the correctly named eth device(s). And perhaps
verify their mac addresses.

Why does it change? I am not sure, but I have had to face this kind of
problem in the past a few times, usually following a kernel upgrade or
udev upgrade or by chaning the network hardware.



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