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Re: youtube videos choppy in Testing and Iceape

Steven Demetrius wrote:
> H.S. wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Since I upgraded a few weeks ago after the release of Lenny, I have
>> noticed that youtube videos in Iceape browser are kind of choppy. This
>> wasn't the case earlier before the upgrade.
>> Anybody else also having this problem?
>> Thanks.
> If you are using the ATI or Nvida graphics card then you will need to
> install the propitiatory drivers. Search the lenny repository for
> "nvida" if its an Nvida card or "fglrx" for ATI card. You will need to
> compile the driver for you kernel if you are not using the any of the
> pre-built kernel that came with lenny. Instructions for compiling is
> include in the package documentation.
> Steven.

Using Nvidia graphics card, and also the driver. But this is not the
issue, as I wrote earlier, there was no problem before the upgrade (same
kernel and same graphics driver).

In any case, please my last post. It appears to be a problem with alsa,
or so pulseaudio tell me.


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