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Re: bank web page problem in iceweasel/iceape

"H.S." <hs.samix@gmail.com> writes:

> H.S. wrote:
> I tried the same web page on a Debian Sid machine and tried to add a
> payee. Here it works, when I type a string in payee search field, the
> field drops down and shows a list of possible matches.
> Difference in systems? This was on Debian Sid, Iceweasel, adblock
> installed, but no noscript installed.
> So looks like noscript is the culprit on my friend's Debian system?

I have no problems using the TD Canada trust website with iceweasel in
Squeeze. Noscript does provide an option to whitelist a site, and when I
was still using no script I had TD whitelisted.



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