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Re: Brother HL2040 printer/lpr stopped working after update

Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> beatrice wrote:
>> I have a Brother HL2040 printer that worked perfectly well on
>> my Debian testing with the .deb driver package Brother
>> provides. I don't have CUPS installed, I use lpr. My printer
>> stopped working without me changing any system configuration
>> other than my usual package updating via aptitude.
> [..]
>> The communication PC-> printer should be working. When a job is
>> sent to the printer the printer "wakes up", makes all the "hot
>> air" noise it usually does, plus the led light blink as it
>> always did while it is receiving data. The length of the
>> blinking still varies with the amount of data sent.
> I am afraid I can't help you now, but I have almost the same
> problem. The only difference is that my printer is a Brother
> HL2030 instead of a 2040. The rest is exactly as you describe.
> lpr, and the problem started yesterday after an upgrade.

I think I have the same problem here on two machines, one is Testing and
the other is Sid. The printer in question is Brother HL-2070n.

The problem has been since at least some weeks. It appears to have
started after an update of the machines. When a job is sent, the green
little light blinks once or twice (but not in the usual fashion) and
then stops blinking and no job gets printed. Using cups and lpr. Tried
from http://localhost:631 (to print a test page) and also from kpdf and
acroread. Nothing prints.

However, jobs sent from a Windows laptop print without any problem.

Would love to know if somebody finds out what the problem is and how to
solve it.



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