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Re: Brother HL2040 printer/lpr stopped working after update

beatrice wrote:
> I have a Brother HL2040 printer that worked perfectly well on
> my Debian testing with the .deb driver package Brother
> provides. I don't have CUPS installed, I use lpr. My printer
> stopped working without me changing any system configuration
> other than my usual package updating via aptitude.
> The communication PC-> printer should be working. When a job is
> sent to the printer the printer "wakes up", makes all the "hot
> air" noise it usually does, plus the led light blink as it
> always did while it is receiving data. The length of the
> blinking still varies with the amount of data sent.

I am afraid I can't help you now, but I have almost the same
problem. The only difference is that my printer is a Brother
HL2030 instead of a 2040. The rest is exactly as you describe.
lpr, and the problem started yesterday after an upgrade.

I'll let you and list know when I find a solution. I think it
happened before (maybe a year ago) but I can't remember what I did
to fix it.

Regards, Jan

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