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Re: lvm and multiboot

>>> I read something that it is not good for /boot and / to reside on lvm
>>> partitions.
>> Only /boot needs to be on a non-LVM volume.  I always partition my root
>> drives with a 100-200MB /boot partition and the rest as a single
>> partition devoted to LVM.  Actually, I also do that for
>> secondary&external drives, where the small "boot" partition is simply
>> left unused (but can come in handy if I ever need to switch drives
>> around).
> why is the boot partition left unused, it is supposed to contain kernel
> images, right?

Not in secondary and external drives, from which I do not boot.

> Besides, if you use the rest as a single partition, is
> that possible to create separate partitions for /var /usr etc?

Yes, of course: the partition dedicated to LVM is then carved into
a bunch of "logical volumes".  In my case I usually have one for swap,
one for / and one for /home.


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